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An easy primer

(i.e. it's not that difficult)

(last updated: Mar 13, 2023)

Mastodon isn't a single entity. It's a set of 'rules' for social media.

Servers are your home in the Fediverse. is one place to start looking for servers.

You can access any server using a website address of the format, e.g., in a web browser.

As an example of how accounts work, mine is @reallyflygreg on my home server So my full address is, and that works as my ID for the entire Fediverse.

Posts on Mastodon are called ‘toots’.

Post Privacy Settings image

Toots can be assigned different privacy levels. These are shown with different icons.

  • Public: Anyone can see it
  • Unlisted: Anyone can see it, but Mastodon discovery features are turned off.
  • Followers only: Only visible to your followers
  • Mentioned people only: i.e. a direct toot to a specified user(s). Is not a secured messaging feature though.

When looking at other user’s toots, you can:

Boosting is the only way to promote a toot in the ‘Fediverse’.

Mastodon doesn’t search through and index every word in toots.

In order to search, there is a Search box. The location is variable.

The feeds are:

**One important note here** If you see posts in the feeds scrolling by too quickly.

In order to use Mastodon:

Best practices:

That’s as simple and accurate as I can be. However, I'm not an expert, feel free to correct me. Let me know about any egregious spelling and grammatical errors too.